Friday, June 14, 2013

New Material to the Barbous Blog Coming Soon!

After a technological battle for the ages, I have come out victorious and can once again post to the dramaturgical blog for Barbarous Nights! Thank you for your patience and understanding, and for perusing the material already archived here for Lorca devotees and the cast and production team of Barbarous Nights alike.

While much of what is written here is still as pertinent to the new production of Barbarous Nights as it was to the first, expect more material to come about sailors, silent film, masks and celebrities and more. Everything written here is meant to contextualize and inform Sam Creely's poetic play about Buster Keaton's adventure through a 1930s of the future and the past:

"Sam Creely takes to the 'ravishing' Invisible Dog (TimeOut NY) with a sharp and surreal play inspired in part by the love letters of Lorca and Dalí.  

"Buster Keaton falls out of his film and into a poetic world, a 1930s both future and past.  Grapefruit roll through the sand like tumbleweed.  The streets are filled with optical shops.  There, a rush of travelers -- a blind maiden struggling with the length of her dress, her nigh Victorian mother, a ridiculously attractive man peddling feathers -- float through Buster's nights like a dream as his sanity and the stoic stone face that made him famous start to crumble.

"Barbarous Nights will receive its New York premiere at The Invisible Dog this summer, July 5 - 13, 2013."

This description comes from the Barbarous Nights website. To learn more about the production, to buy tickets, or to donate, please visit

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